Digital Stories

Welcome to the Sydney Jewish Museum's platform that lets you scroll through curated stories from our collection and Holocaust survivors. It is a new way to interact online with the countless stories we hold within our museum walls. We always have more recollections to share and histories to tell, so please visit us again soon to explore more Digital Stories!

30 Years of the Sydney Jewish Museum

In 2022, we celebrate 30 years of the Sydney Jewish Museum. While three decades have brought about much growth and expansion of the Museum, our commitment to sharing stories of Holocaust survivors for the benefit of humanity has never waivered. Look back at 30 years of milestones.


Vu iz dos Gesele (Where is the Little Street)? by Wendy Sharpe

In July 2021, Archibald-winning Australian artist Wendy Sharpe took over the walls of Sydney Jewish Museum’s gallery space, using a large-scale painted mural to tell her family’s stories from their Ukrainian hometown of Kamianets-Podilskyi.


A pair of ruby slippers

These little red shoes are a memento of Dorrit Böhm’s early childhood in Shanghai. For the Böhm family, these humble shoes were a symbol of something more profound: survival of the Holocaust, the founding of a family and a new beginning.


The Auschwitz Tattoo

Not all Holocaust survivors have tattoos. Tattooing was done at Auschwitz but only to prisoners who were ‘selected’ to be slaves. Tattoos remain as a physical reminder of the pain caused and of the inhumanity of the Nazi perpetrators.


Closer: Portraits of Survival

The Sydney Jewish Museum was born of tremendous driving forces. One force was a collective desire by the generation of Holocaust survivors who came to Australia to always remember and honour those who were murdered in the Holocaust